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The focal point of our combined effort at Lava Partners are the services that we provide to assist our clients. Initiating, expanding and improving the things we do are our keys to steady growth and new opportunities.

Increasing capacity with staff or footprint are facts of growth that we consider to be vital for ourselves and to our clients. Our customers are challenged continually; our task is to support, innovate, and when possible improve how their products are presented.

Lava Design

Lava Design resides at the hub of our commercial wheel. It drives the creativity that gives Lava Products its’ unique distinction in the realm of graphic and structural design.

Using expertise and technology, Lava Design brings forth materials, structures, and graphic concepts that provide enhanced value to our to client’s products.

We have the in-house capability to create renderings, mock-ups, structural samples, and full scale presentation prototypes for the individual needs and dicates of our customer’s programs… read more

Lava Products, Inc

Lava Products is the engine that drives us, it is the home to all things administrative for Lava Partners and its’ affiliates. Lava Products provides valuable support services for our primary functions such as sales, estimating, vendor sourcing, inventory control, and accounting.

Lava Products also provides project management and quality assurance programs for the projects that we develop with our clients, on site regardless of location.

We also have a fully staffed call center to handle the Customer Relations portion of Lava Marketing-actual knowledgeable people, at our locations, and trained to provide real time information… read more

Lava Medical

Our Medical Packaging program is focused on the design and production of products to support medical laboratory services. Lava has the ability to integrate thermoform trays, custom foam inserts and box board into highly functional and appealing packaging. In conjunction with contemporary graphics and structural design, we also offer ‘turnkey’ fulfillment services so that your laboratory space is utilized for testing and related services… read more

Lava Fulfillment

Lava Fulfillment evolved from the needs of our clients to marry the packaging materials and designs that we create with their products, and prepare them for the demands of the marketplace.

The variety of customers that we assist have requirements for goods and services that are specific to the markets that they serve. Lava Fulfillment provides controls, efficiency, and logistics in strategic locations in Southern California and Indiana to insure on-time execution on a continual basis. Our experienced staff of professionals possess the skills and technology required to “get the job done”… read more